Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inventory Cloud?

In short, we are a cloud based software solution that connects New Development inventory with real estate professionals, putting availability and the power to reserve in the palm of their hands.

What makes this system unique?

Inventory Cloud was purpose built to close the gap between Real Estate Sales Representatives and New Home Builders. Every option, function and process within our system was made to give a sense of familiarity to those involved in the industry, and at the same time, pushing productivity within them. Uploading developments, searching units, and reserving is so easy and time efficient that productivity will be at an all time high, and both sales offices and REALTOR® can concentrate on closing sales, and spend less time on seeking answers.

I’m a Builder, how would this help me?
  • Maximizing sales office productivity by allowing salespersons to focus on booking closings and signing agreements instead of answering pricing inquiries repeatedly and working through hundreds of worksheets to assign units. Our system gives the answers as well as the ability to reserve the units.

  • Gaining more exposure from agents and their clients by being connected to those agents all the time.

  • Many Agents still do not get involved with new construction, as it can be a difficult time to get answers when you need them, not to mention time consuming. For any agent outside of a major city, it would be inconvenient to drive to sales office after sales office to get the information they would need to sell, and many of these agents could bring in substantial business. Our system is guaranteed to get more Agents excited about selling new construction by putting the power of the industry in their hands.

  • Inventory management is easy, updated live across the platform, and made very user friendly.

What is Inventory Cloud?
  • You’ll look like an expert to any prospect, or serious buyer as the answers will always be readily available when it comes to new construction.

  • No longer will you spend hours and days submitting worksheets for multiple units and clients only to find out you haven’t gotten one two weeks later. Instead, you can spend that time promoting and selling units to your clients that are available, instead of rolling the dice and “requesting” a unit reservation.

  • See the units you’ve reserved and keep track of what’s reserved and sold firm.

  • Search by development, by unit, or through our map to find the perfect development and unit for your client(s). It’s so easy and quick, you’ll always have it open on your computer, tablet and cellphone.

Do you have an iPhone/Android app?

We don’t have one currently, as we wanted to make the system compatible with any device and platform. We may get an app developed in the near future if the demand for a mobile specific system exists.

How can I sign up?

If you are a real estate agent, you can register here. If you are a builder, please contact us.