Inventory Cloud

Live Inventory

Cloud managed inventory that can be accessed anywhere, any time! Availability is accurate and updates are automated

Real-time results

Reservations are instant inside and out of the sales office. We take your sales efforts beyond traditional business hours into the 24/7 realm!

Go paperless

From reservation to signing the APS, our platform utilizes an e-signing partner embedded in our system to bring you an efficient and GREEN sales system.

Track Performance

See how your projects are performing at a glance with real time sales data, financial reporting, commission schedules and much more!

Our unique features
that help Manage, Market and Sell


Search on any device, anytime, from anywhere!

Real Time Reporting

Your dashboard will show you everything from what you’ve sold to what you’re owed


Notification Center

Stay in the loop on development updates, and status changes relating to your deals

Sell More

Our system provides the access and the ability to sell, to maximize your efforts for the time you put in

A marketing tool for builders. A sales tool for agents.

Connecting inventory with the industry professionals.

Get Connected

Maximize your sales effots by putting your product in the hands of thousands of sales reps.

Inventory releases, price changes, availability and reservations, all done, instantly!
You are always in control of your inventory.

Resale has MLS®. New Construction has Inventory Cloud.


Our Affiliations

Ontario Home Builder Association

Building Industry & Land Development Association

Canada Home Builder Association

Take your business anywhere

Mobile friendly

Responsive and Optimized

Work often takes you outside of the office but that shouldn't mean you leave your business behind. Stay in control and stay in the know, wherever your days take you.



No Download Required

Cloud based and being on the web means no need to download a phone or tablet application to access your projects

Our workflow

Add Inventory & your Team

Start by creating logins for each member of your sales team that will be selling your projects.

Next - add Developments, upload floorplans and create units


Launch inventory

Going live with your project(s) will allow any registered real estate representative on our system to view, and have the ability to reserve.

Our system gives constant exposure and markets your developments around the clock.


Administrate less. Close more.

Reservations are instant, sales agreements are paperless, and unit status updates are automated.

Inventory Cloud helps you do more, by doing less.


What Builders say

This is definitely where the industry is going. Everything is online and in the cloud now.
This system offers the best of both worlds - management of inventory and direct marketing to agents.
We have a very good relationship with real estate agents as they sell a lot of our inventory. This will help them sell more, faster.

Agent Features


Real - time availability

No more guessing, no more worksheets, just live inventory that you can count on. Never be withough the answers for your clients, and hone your marketing efforts to reflect what is available for sale.


Instant Allocation

Finding a unit is half the battle, the rest lies in the ability to lock it down. With our instant allocation system we bring you the ability to sell anywhere, anytime!


Keep tabs on deals

From your My Units section you'll find all of the units that you have reserved, under contract and sold.


Stay in the loop

Get notifications within your login, as well as by email when one of your units has gone through a status change. Your notification centre will also keep you up to date on new inventory that is released.


  • Searchable Inventory
  • Instant Reservation System
  • Sales Statistics
  • Unit Update Notifications
  • Deal Tracking
  • Commission Schedule
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Sign Up
  • Stacked Inventory with Live Availability
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Commission Payout Schedule
  • Deposits Schedule
  • Paperless APS Integration
  • Document Storage
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Sign Up

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