About Us

Inventory Cloud was purpose built to close the gap between Real Estate Sales Representatives and New Home Builders. Every option, function and process within our system was made to give a sense of familiarity to those involved in the industry, and at the same time, pushing productivity within them. Uploading developments, searching units, and reserving is so easy and time efficient that productivity will be at an all time high. Both sales offices and new home sales agents can concentrate on closing sales, and spend less time on dealing with allocations, paper worksheets and answering questions on availability.

We are committed to providing an exceptional experience for both Builder and REALTOR®; a sales tool that will not only help those actively involved in the sales of new construction real estate, but also encourage many more Agents to get involved in the industry. Our team is focused on growth and we are always open to any feedback from industry professionals on how we can better serve the Development / Broker community.

– Inventory Cloud Team